Print circulation
56,827 *
265,000 **
Target Group
Readers of a high social and cultural profile, with substantial financial resources and likely to travel extensively.
  1. * ADS Ø 3/2020-3/2021
  2. ** AUDIPRESS 2021 1


What makes DOVE stand out as a travel magazine is its authoritative voice, its close watch on current affairs and the fact that it is the only monthly to cover consistently themes that would normally be considered the province of sector-specific magazines of other Geographical Areas: real estate investments, design and furnishings, fashion and new trends.

In terms of content, DOVE continues to pursue its mission as highly informative magazine: it is sophisticated, atmosphere-filled and care is taken over every detail while never losing sight of its “read&use” philosophy to offer its readers all such details and information as are necessary to organize the trip of their dreams.

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