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28,000 *
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GBP 9,499
Target Group
54% of passengers are aged 35-54, 49% of them are key business decisions makers, 88380€ Average annual income of business passengers Source: IAS 2017
Lifestyle & Fashion
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • tourism/travel
  • food/drink
  • watches/jewellery
  • alcoholic beverages
  1. * Publisher's Information 2016


EXCELENTE, Iberia’s Business Class magazine, has become a reference on luxury defined as enjoying life as its best. Featuring columns by renowned international writers, we offer in depth expertise on art, fashion, watches, cars, gastronomy and wines. Each issue, the magazine also has breakfast with a Hispanic personality who represents excellence in their field, bringing names such as Plácido
Domingo and Ferran Adrià to our pages. Our features question and inspire, with stories on everything from entrepreneurs growing trees in an underground park to those who have managed to bottle water from the clouds.

Iberia is Spain’s flagship carrier and a market leader on flights between Europe and Latin America. With a fleet of 134 aircraft and 600 daily flights, Iberia Group carries more than 20 million passengers per annum and serves approximately 125 destinations, in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

EXCELENTE is awarded as best Customer Magazine of the Year by the Travel Media Awards 2016.

The magazine is written in both Spanish and English.

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Germany (Internat. Media only), Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland