14 issues a year
137,900 *
Basic Rate 2022
€ 3,775
Target Group
The predominantly male reader not only reads over, looks at, but above all practises his favourite sports himself. He cycles performance-oriented, as a fanatical mile-eater or adventurous trimmer who is just as proud of his rides. The FIETS reader has a high education and deserves above average. This generous income is directly reflected in the spending pattern (49% of readers, for example, plan to spend more than 2000 € on a new bike).
  1. * NPM 2021 II


FIETS is the magazine for the sporty cyclist. For 35 years, the magazine has been the proud authority in the field of sportily cycling and everything around it.
From useful information about the best materials and techniques, to tips about how to train and eat the smartest: FIETS offers it all.

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in Austria and South Tyrol, Switzerland