Print circulation
26,910 *
306,000 **
Basic Rate 2022
€ 5,100
Target Group
FLAIR readers are mostly young, active and high-educated women from 15 to 34 years and all social groups.
Women (general)
  1. * CIM Brand reports 2021 January-December
  2. ** CIM NRS 2019/2020


The magazine FLAIR in French language is issued every week with surprising tips and tricks on the latest fashion trends, stylish make-up, the trendiest hotspots and feasible & quick recipes, pimped with personal testimonials and make-overs of FLAIR readers. FLAIR doesn’t mince its words and raises each and every current theme that captivates women of today. Besides, FLAIR often indulges its readers with nice surprises such as weekends off, restaurant deals and fun goodies.

FLAIR is daring, spontaneous, surprising, accessible and positive. The energetic brand lends her strong community a hand through an interactive range of channels such as print, online, social media, Shedeals offers, events etc. to get the most out of life. 

The typical FLAIR pocket edition guarantees a large instant response, every edition again. 

Please note, the coverage figure includes print and digital versions of FLAIR. 

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom