Paid circulation
144,228 *
1,352,000 **
Basic Rate 2021
€ 22,000
Target Group
Working women 25 to 49 y.o, urban, active, premium women readers.
  1. * ACPM OJD 2020
  2. ** ACPM ONE NEXT 2021/V1


A unique format for your brands...
Luxurious layout, an XXL format and reproduction of high quality. Big pictures on glossy paper.
A unique concept…
Which creates a strong connection between the brands and the readers. The star or muse attracts the reader allowing the brand to build a unique bond with him, generating desires of consumption.
A strong adverstising effectiveness...
Surveys prove the strong implication of women when they read the magazine: on average, more than 70% of readers recall seeing a specific advertisement!
Key positions on women upscale magazines...
GALA is the 2nd upscale women weekly magazine in readership, and confirms its performance in strength and in affinity with Premium targets in AudiPresse Premium 2014: +26% reach in 1 year.
A global brand present during major events...
GALA represents a community of 8,2 million audience on 1 month (print + web + mobile), innovative editorial experiences (GALA BEAUTY, GALA CROISETTE and improved tablet app…), or actions during events where fashion and movies are under the spotlights.

Media Represented

worldwide except in France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom