Paid circulation
142,343 *
1,720,278 **
Basic Rate 2024
€ 30,300
Target Group
GALA readers are a premium target group. With its unique combination of fascination, inspiration and closeness, its lush layout and generous size, GALA has succeeded with a premium target group that doesn‘t only read about luxury, but that actually wants to experience it. Its readers are cosmopolitan, open to consumption, interested in brands, and have high incomes. Big brands and big stars - the perfect combination for your media plan.
  1. * IVW 4/2023
  2. ** B4P 2024


GALA is Germany's premium people and lifestyle magazine. GALA reports on prominent personalities from all over the world with exclusive images and brilliant photo spreads.

GALA is in a class of its own. GALA presents all the important news and trends from the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle on more than 20 opulently designed pages.

GALA brings modern women closer to the people behind the celebrities. Well-researched background information explains the stories behind the news, insightful interviews reveal new and enriching aspects of the personalities of well-known celebrities.

Wherever GALA is, the spotlights and luxury are not far away. In addition to the premium people magazine, GALA brings the brand to life through its events such as the SPA AWARDS, the BERLIN OPENING NIGHT, the FASHION BRUNCH and the GALA CHRISTMAS SHOPPING NIGHT.

The GALA Specials - GALA STYLE and GALA ROYAL - underline the journalistic expertise of the GALA brand in the usual style - opulent, luxurious and unique with that special star appeal! Daily news from the red carpet and the latest lifestyle trends.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)