10 x a year
Print circulation
25,000 *
45,000 *
Basic Rate 2024
CHF 12,500
Target Group
Women, 25-55 years old, interests: fashion, beauty and stars.
  1. * Publisher's Information 2024


GALA is a class for itself – the premium People and lifestyle magazine confirms this claim over and over again anew. Every Thursday gala dress on opulently formed sides presents all important news and trends from Fashion-, Beauty and lifestyle world.

Well investigated background information

With exclusive pictures, sensitive stories, honest interviews and brilliantly photo galleries GALA creates an intimate, but always deferential nearness to the stars. Week after week it sets standards for style-pedagogic and glamorous journalism.


The Swiss GALA reports all 14 days about People, Society, lifestyle and pleasure and it portrays and interviews exciting Swiss personalities from society, culture, sport and economy. May not be absent the newest lifestyle, Fashion-, Gastro and travel trend.

GALA‘s Swiss edition features Swiss pages in the middle of the issue, and has its own team of Swiss editors.

For more information on advertising in our Swiss supplements please contact Jana Reshi.

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