Paid circulation
136,686 *
2,710,000 **
Basic Rate 2022
€ 29,500
Target Group
GEO is a mixed title with an average of 48 years old readers. Geo’s readers are AB, high incomes.
  1. * ACPM OJD 2021
  2. ** ACPM ONE NEXT 2021/V4


GEO is much more than a travel magazine
The passion for other places does not only refer to exotic destinations.
The evolution of our lifestyles, our environment, the world political and economic issues or even the major scientific discoveries are subjects that attract our thirst for knowledge.
GEO is concrete
This magazine does not only give the image of a far away, idealised, almost disappeared world to contemplate; it also shows events that move us, concerns that are ours, with a lot of on the field photo-reports.
GEO broadens reflexion beyond pictures
Of course, high-quality photographs are one of Geo’s specificities. But in a world where thousands of pictures are brought to our screens, it has no added-value to only add photographs on paper if they are not accompanied with documented and in-depth writings, offering an in-depth analysis, an emphasized argumentation, a perspective on the topic addressed: Geo provides things to look at AND readings.
GEO offers reading interludes that are moments of rest providing hindsight in comparison with the noise of continuous information, enabling readers to get away from the media whirlwind.
Eric Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

Media Represented

worldwide except in France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom