420,000 *
Target Group
GEOLINO's total digital offer reaches boys and girls in equal numbers. 83 % of users are aged between 9 and 13. 62 % attend an intermediate school; 23 % attend a gymnasium. 63 % of users live in households with a net monthly household income of € 2,500+. They carry out a wide range of leisure activities – sports, games, crafts and reading. Source: KidsVA 2014, 6–13 years old; target group: kids who visited GEOLINO.de within at least the last four weeks (=0.68 mill.).
  1. * agof daily digital facts 2021-09


GEOLINO Mobil is the consistent online adaptation of the GEOLINO concept. It is one of the highest-ranked online portals for children, with relevant coverage. The portal offers children their own world of online experiences under a brand that is trusted by parents who want to know what their kids are up to online. It presents educational reports, craft tips, experiments, pinboards, creative competitions and lots more.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)