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Adresses the more traditionell woman of all ages. Most readers live in houses and come from the west of Storebælt.
Leisure & Entertainment
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HER&NU tracks all the royals and celebrities through intriguing interviews and features, good stories and coverage of parties and premiers.

Included are the hottest news about all the Hollywood and Danish stars – both the scandals and the romantic stories. The readers are from throughout the country, with a predominance in the capital and larger cities. The magazine is taken out again and again, partly due to the comprehensive TV guide with more than 50 channels and coverage of everything from entertainment and news to sport and good films.

Also available as ePaper.

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in Austria and South Tyrol, Belgium, France, Germany (Internat. Media only), Ireland, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, USA