weekdays (Monday-Saturday)
Paid circulation
85,273 *
423,250 **
Basic Rate 2022
€ 13,155
Business & News
  1. * CIM Circulation 2019
  2. ** CIM Coverage 2020 October


HET BELANG VAN LIMBURG is the most read newspaper in the province of Limburg. 

HET BELANG VAN LIMBURG features the regional, national and international news with a unique “Limburger” twist. It’s baseline goes “Limburger en wereldburger”, meaning Limburger citizen and world citzen. It covers the whole of Limburg with a record reach of 45% of the total population in this province of Belgium.

The daily newspaper also offers a digital version for tablet and smartphone.

Please note: The circulation and coverage figures  include also the digital copies. 

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