9 issues a year
Print circulation
250,000 *
Basic Rate 2022
€ 31,400
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * Publisher's Information 2021


ICON is the award-winning style magazine in WELT AM SONNTAG that translates the international style competence of the Sunday newspaper into a magazin format. Therefore ICON offers its readers the best of both worlds: the big look of oversized page layouts and the journalistic text quality of opinion-leading authors of the WELT Group.

Fashion shoots become opulent when presented with detailed travel experiences, prominent authors give insights into their very personal lifestyle world and international illustrators appreciate the large-format stage of the magazine. In the best sense, exclusiveness and extravagance form the basis for the inspiring reading experience.

For advertisers, ICON is a place where they can be integrated into an especially credible atmosphere away from the glossies. Readers respond to the style magazine in WELT AM SONNTAG with the greatest degree of trust and credibility

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden