Print circulation
60,000 *
Basic Rate
€ 16,500
Target Group
IDEAT adesses men and women between 35 and 59 years of age. They are affluent, urban, part of a cosmopolitan generation, interested in culture and design.
Lifestyle & Fashion
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • leisure/entertainment
  • furniture/home decor
  • watches/jewellery
  1. * Publisher's Information


IDEAT is the international magazine for urban lifestyle and contemporary design. IDEAT combines design, fashion, furnishings, art and travel. IDEAT is more of a zeitgeist magazine than a home and garden magazine. IDEAT is the magazine for a cosmopolitan generation.

The German edition of IDEAT

  • is prepared by a separate editorial team under the leadership of SCHÖNER WOHNEN Editor-in-Chief Bettina Billerbeck.
  • adopts approx. 50 percent of the content of the French issues.
  • appears twice in 2017 and six times a year beginning in 2018.

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