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196,000 *
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IL's readers … ... are quality conscious, they spare no expense and love to make experiements when they buy. … have high exposure to outdoor activities, both cultural and freetime. … care a lot about their appearance. … are fashion conscious, big spenders on clothes and accessoires. ... are finance oriented.
Lifestyle & Fashion
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  • automotive
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  1. * Publisher's Information 2017 January


Top international names in journalism and young Italian writers team up to make IL "the most beautiful magazine in the world", taking readers on a journey across their leisure time, picking trends, cultural consumption and experiences to live.

IL is the magazine that looks ahead, amazes, and enhances knowledge with an original twist.

It brings current news, analysis, long-form content, leisure and entertainment. The investigative reports and cover stories are refreshing and unconventional.

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in Austria and South Tyrol, Switzerland