102,000,000 *
28,700,000 **
Unique User
8,500,000 *
Target Group
People with a high education and a high socio-cultural level. Users see the network also as a professional tool.
Business & News
  1. * AUDIWEB 2019 April
  2. ** AUDIWEB 2021 May


ILSOLE24ORE.com has always been representing the leader site in Italy for the economic-financial information with the highest rate of authoritativeness and exclusivity in its contents on the web.

The new digital offer of ILSOLE24ORE.com consists of a cross-media system of products and exclusive services that offers updatings, in-depth analyses and customization of contents.

Please note: The performance figures (UU, PI and visits) show the complete digital reach (online AND mobile reach).

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Switzerland