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3,905 *
23,000 **
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€ 8,500
Target Group
INVERSION readers are with 71 % mostly well-educated men in the age between 45 to 64 which are in funds of higher income. The readership of the business magazine is an exclusive one since only 29 % of the readers read daily economic press.
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  1. * Publisher's Information 2016
  2. ** EGM 2016


INVERSION is a serious business magazine first published in 1992 which offers its readers relevant information about the investment market so that strategical decisions can be made by the investors to achieve highest returns. The readers of the magazine value the accuracy and credibility created by the team of journalists and economists specialized in the area of finance, the team of analysts and the editorial board of well-known professionals in the sector who also work for other well-known Vocento media like ABC and Regional Press. Due to an exclusive alliance in Europe, INVERSION offers its readers a weekly section in the magazine with the contents of the Bloomberg Businessweek. 

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands