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IX reaches a critical group of IT professionals, specialists & experts within mid to large sized companies including the heads of IT Departments, software developers, systems and network administrators. For vendors targeting Germany's IT professionals who design and manage enterprise network computing solutions for the present and the future IX is the #1 magazine.
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From the publishers of c't, IX Magazin "für professionelle Informationstechnik" is Germany's leading technical magazine for IT Managers and IT professionals, who are responsible for the implementation, support and management of IT systems within mid to large sized companies. In the German market, IX is the most in-depth and technical information source for IT specialists and strategic IT Management.

Every month IX provides its knowledgeable readers with a balanced editorial overview of the market including: Internet / Intranets, Operating systems, Servers, IT security, Software development, Embedded systems, Data centre infrastructure, Mass storage.

All the above topics are supported by detailed product reviews including lab based testing, reports on vendors financial standing, customer support, product lines and strategic planning.Inside IX a special IX EXTRA section is included - and 3x per year the following technologies are covered in-depth: Networking, Security, Storage & Embedded Systems.

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