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22,000 *
122,000 *
Target Group
The target audience includes high income and highly educated professionals who are involved in the business, finance, and economical sectors. 66% are male living in the greater Helsinki area.
Business & News
  1. * Publisher's Information 2021


KAUPPALEHTI provides the latest in business news, the hot topics in the various industries and what is new in the world of finance.

KAUPPALEHTI on Monday provides the opening statement for many new topics every week. It also highlights different industries in its Monday Themes and KAUPPALEHTI Extras.

KAUPPALEHTI on Tuesday includes My Company pages (Oma Yritys) addressing issues important to entrepreneurs and business owners. They are complemented by Regional Themes, that are looking at the current situation and future of the economic regions in Finland. On the Regional Theme pages, your advertisement will reach all daily KAUPPALEHTI readers, plus almost every business owner in the region – KAUPPALEHTI is additionally distributed widely to the companies in the region on the first publishing day of the Regional Theme. The Real Estate insert (Toimitila-liite), aimed at real estate professionals, comes with KAUPPALEHTI once a month.

KAUPPALEHTI on Wednesday is an excellent recruitment tool if you are targeting people for general and top management, accounting, material administration, sales or marketing jobs. The Jobs pages (Työt) will attract the attention of your valuable potential employees while at work. At the same time, you are building your corporate image. Appointment News (Nimet) lists people who have moved to new positions. The My Company pages (Oma Yritys) addresses topical issues important to entrepreneurs and business owners.

KAUPPALEHTI on Thursday continues the My Company topics (Oma Yritys) and Regional Themes (Alueteema).

KAUPPALEHTI on Friday highlights topics related to the decision-maker's leisure, such as vehicles and money. The My Money pages (Oma Raha) focus on private investment and savings.

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