Mondays and Thursdays
Paid circulation
103,005 *
3,200,000 **
Target Group
Young active men from age 14 up to 49 years with high-income.
  1. * IVW 2020-QIV
  2. ** ma 2019


Exclusive news. In-depth analyses. Interesting interviews. Exciting background stories. Gripping reportage. Our job is to make the fascination of football come alive. Our readers want to know the true story – and they trust us. A trust that has become tradition. Since 1920, for over 90 years – KICKER has been the number one title for the number one sport in Germany.

  • KICKER is Germany's leading football/sports magazine. With the latest scores, exclusive news, in-depth analyses, interesting interviews and fascinating background stories.
  • KICKER appears twice a week. The Monday edition is glossier and more colourful, the Thursday edition is more like a classic sports newspaper.
  • KICKER stands for a tradition of success. KICKER was launched in 1920 and is one of Germany's oldest leading media.
  • KICKER is competent, critical – and fast. Just hours after the final whistle, KICKER brings the scores – to newsstands as well as to subscribers.
  • KICKER is international. It not only follows German football from the Bundesliga down to regional teams, but also looks at the top leagues in England, Spain, Italy and the rest of the world.

Please note that the circulation figures include 22,803 e-papers and refer to the Monday edition.

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worldwide except in Asia, Germany (Internat. Media only), Scandinavia