Print circulation
90,772 *
409,200 **
Basic Rate 2023
€ 7,300
Target Group
The magazine is aimed at young people and 30-40-year olds who appreciate culture. KNACK FOCUS is the magazine for the modern man and woman.
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * CIM Brand reports 2021 January-December
  2. ** CIM NRS 2019/2020


KNACK FOCUS is a magazine for the 21st century, adapted to the digital world and available on all possible supports. Knack Focus – which is part of the family package Knack/Weekend/Focus and the Knack Extras – has the freedom to concentrate on anything of quality in the wide world of entertainment. It is the weekly guide to film, music, TV, games and thrillers, helping to make the most out of free time.

Coverage figures include KNACK FOCUS and FOCUS LE VIF as well as their digital versions.

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom