Paid circulation
192,105 *
3,238,000 **
Target Group
LA GAZZETTO DELLO SPORT is the most read newpaper by young people: nearly 50% are aged under 45. 90% of the readers are male, assigned to the middle Socio-Economic Class (70% of all readers).
Business & News
Main advertisers
  • automotive
  • fashion
  • media
  • leisure/entertainment
  • services
  • watches/jewellery
  • mail order/retail
  1. * ADS 2016
  2. ** AUDIPRESS 2017-02


LA GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT is a daily newspaper with primacy in many sectors: it is the most popular newspaper in Italy, without a shadow of doubt it is the most read one, with a historical record of readers among all Italian newspapers. It is the most read newspaper by young people and that is why it is considered a kind of “reading initiation” which creates reading habits of young Italians. In 2007 it has become the first source of information, thanks to the introduction of news coming from out of the world of sports which complete sports information with a wide
choice of comments on the most important facts of the day and with light weight gossip.

For 120 years LA GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT has been fascinating its readers with a column dedicated to matches. Moreover, it anticipates events, transfers and transactions on football market, inquires on phenomena related to sports, on codes of ethics, includes editorial competitions of the most prestigious journalists and spread positive values of Fair Play, offering to its readers a relaxing every day break. All these characteristics make of Gazzetta dello Sport the
most influential source of information in the world of sports.

As far as advertising is concerned, thanks to the printing in full color, more colors are at disposal and there are more creative possibilities for more than 24 advertising formats. Some of these formats are unique on Italian editorial market. What is more, the development of local editions opens new channels of communication giving the possibility to companies to
collocate locally their advertising campaign.

Media Represented

in Belgium, Germany (Internat. Media only), Luxembourg, Netherlands