Distributed circulation
328,494 *
2,530,000 **
Target Group
The readership of LIVING is highly profiled and qualified. It includes design-passionate consumers, managers, entrepreneurs, freelance. Designers and interior designers form also a significant share of the readership.
House & Home
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • food/drink
  • leisure/entertainment
  • home/building/garden
  • furniture/home decor
  1. * Publisher's Information 2016 July
  2. ** Publisher's Information 2015-04


LIVING is the leading home furnishing vertical in Italy and is available as a monthly magazine.

Taking the home as its starting point, LIVING takes in everything that is connected to it – from food to art, fashion to environment – with a special focus on the top quality ‘Made in Italy’ products.

LIVING is available in newsagents as a free supplement to the CORRIERE DELLA SERA on the day of issue.

Media Represented

in Belgium, Germany (Internat. Media only), Luxembourg, Netherlands