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285,908 *
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€ 24,300
Target Group
83% are male and 78% have net monthly household income of over € 3,500. LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE is delivered by personalised direct mail every month. The average household income is € 4,781. Source: b4p 2017
Lifestyle & Fashion
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  • automotive
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  • furniture/home decor
  1. * IVW 2/18


LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE is the premium product in our magazine family. It is aimed at Lufthansa frequent flyers: a cosmopolitan and highly discerning clientele. Our guiding principle is to act as a compass for this highly mobile elite.

The selection of topics deliberately reflects the unique reading situation - our magazine is more of a coffee table book than a fast, news-driven read: opulent photo spreads and gripping long-form texts aim to enrich the readers‘ quality time.

With a unique mix ot reports portraits and business stories, we reflect the world that the approx. 315,000 decision-makers live in.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)