Paid circulation
545,931 *
1,560,000 **
Target Group
Whether it’s all Lufthansa passengers or exclusively the top Lufthansa customers in Germany, our magazines reach people who are going places. As senior employees, managers or business owners, they are a free-spending target group with high purchasing power. Europe’s highest-circulation in-flight magazine is the perfect travel companion – because high-quality entertainment and information make flying a real treat.
  1. * IVW 1/2020
  2. ** IPSOS 2019


The current situation surrounding the corona virus has affected air traffic and thus Lufthansa to an unprecedented extent. Lufthansa has therefore decided to temporarily suspend the production and delivery of all magazines from the Lufthansa magazine family. This will initially affect the April to September 2020 issues.

The completely revamped LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN aims to set new global standards for inflight entertainment. The existing layout has been completely reworked: the clear, breezy design of the magazine is now strongly oriented towards international lifestyle publications, while retaining its individual character and perfectly reflecting the high standards that you would expect from a global brand like Lufthansa. We have expanded our journalistic portfolio: in addition to powerful reports from across the globe and interviews with Hollywood stars, fashion design and food topics will play a bigger role in the content. Regular fashion shootings, new author columns and a mosaic-style introductory section give LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN a sharper profile.

*Circulation figures incl. LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE MAGAZIN

Media Represented

worldwide except in Asia, Germany (Internat. Media only)