twice a year
Print circulation
160,000 *
Target Group
Men aged 25-45, well-educated, business oriented with affinity for luxury Items, culturally engaged and technology savvy. AB 81% ABC1 96% Average household income £114000 (publisher's information)
Men's Lifestyle
  1. * Publisher's Information 2020


The magazine provides full and often first look on the genuine tastemakers of popular culture. It prides itself on its insider’s relationship with the people who alter the visual industries, and its instant appeal to the aspirational, well travelled, curious, sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

MAN ABOUT TOWN is modern, distinguished and provocative in content, look and feel - an exploration into the minutiae of a man’s life, from the tiniest detail to the big picture of his own self-image, giving readers a full and comprehensive, expert overview of contemporary men’s appearance.
It covers a finely tuned range of interests, from culture to luxury goods, and every aspect of the arts in between. Working with MAN ABOUT TOWN is an opportunity to indulge in a fashion magazine that sees the industry as both a business and personal interest.


Media Represented

in Germany (Internat. Media only), Switzerland