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27,164 *
253,000 **
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€ 19,900
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62% men, 38% women
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  2. ** ACPM ONE NEXT 2021/V4


MANAGEMENT is the magazine for all managers. It gives them advice on personal self-development and how to manage their careers. This dual approach makes MANAGEMENT unique.

MANAGEMENT ’s purposes are to help people to be successful, study in-depth companies current issues, give ideas for individual fulfillment, make the readers feel like taking actions with specific examples, help them to better understand the others…

The human factor is essential: people are the first wealth in companies, and the success is not never completely reached but is the succession of daily achievements. We can not say anymore "success": the right word is "successes"».

MANAGEMENT deals with a lot of different examples on both companies and managers. It also explores all managerial disciplines: marketing, finance, management, organization, law… Experts’ advice, testimonies, sharing of experiences, opening on more personal consumption subjects (among which, a subject on high-tech): all these aspects make Management being a concrete and lively magazine.

Media Represented

worldwide except in France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom