PIs Mobile Web
6,978,500 *
PIs Mobile App
1,501,707 *
PIs Iphone App
820,961 *
PIs Android App
680,746 *
Visits Mobile Web
5,131,830 *
Visits Mobile App
424,778 *
Visits IPhone App
235,169 *
Visits Android App
189,609 *
2,310,000 **
70,000 **
Target Group
MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de Mobil reaches an average of 0.31 million unique mobile users per month via the mobile enabled website and apps. 72% of MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de Mobil users are male. The users are younger than average: 47% of users are aged between 20 and 39. MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de Mobil users show above-average interest in new and used cars, financial investments, bonds and funds, and life insurance. Source: AGOF mobile facts 2015-I // Universe: average month.
Business & News
  1. * IVW 2020-09
  2. ** agof daily digital facts 2020-10


  • MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de mobile – well informed about politics, economics and world news.
  • MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de’s mobile portal turns your mobile phone into an information centre.
  • All users can find information about relevant topics quickly and easily, for example business, finance, economic policy & lifestyle.
  • MANAGER-MAGAZIN.de users are very mobile and travel a lot – the ideal target group for your mobile advertising.

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