2 issues a year
Print circulation
90,275 *
Target Group
MARIE CLAIRE MAISON readers are discerning, demanding, prosperous and high-spending consumers. They like to stand out from the crowd, without showing off. The audience is strongly "vertical" and with spending power.
House & Home
  1. * OJD 2018/


MARIE CLAIRE MAISON  stands out as a high-end, dynamic and sophisticated brand. 

MARIE CLAIRE MAISON is eclectic in its editorial choice, and authoritative in the way each subject is covered.

Superlative, austere, minimalist, eclectic, bright, warm, full of color and nuances, academic ... A house always ends up reflecting personality traits of its inhabitants. Filling that space is a trip to your inner world, reflecting your interests, your passions, your likes and your dislikes. 
MARIE CLAIRE MAISON aims to guide and delight our readers in that area serving as inspiration when creating their refuge sharing tastes, providing fantasy, getting into in the most beautiful houses and inviting them to dream or copy ideas, reporting everything that is happening in the deco universe. 

In every issue we count with the collaboration of the best deco players. We always have room for good food, good advice, shopping, as well as gifts, good recipes and of course a busy schedule. Undoubtedly, each issue of MARIE CLAIRE MAISON has become an exciting journey that we are willing to share with you.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Asia, France, Ireland, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Spain, United Kingdom