Paid circulation
90,275 *
163,000 **
Basic Rate
€ 14,900
Target Group
Young, upper/mid-upper class, urban, active, charismatic.
Lifestyle & Fashion
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • beauty/cosmetics
  • watches/jewellery
  1. * OJD 2017 January-December
  2. ** EGM 2018-QI


MARIE CLAIRE is an international brand that transmits the latest fashion trends on the catwalk, the advances in cosmetics and today’s women challenges.
Its DNA is supported by 4 core ideas: pleasure as a pause in time, style as an attitude towards life, emotion as soul sensations and discovery when accessing to invisible realities. MARIE CLAIRE is a unique brand representing women who rely on an avant-garde type of quality content.

MARIE CLAIRE is a unique mix of provocative journalism and outstanding fashion and beauty. It is accomplice, influential, luxurious, inspirational, international, hedonistic, but also real - A LIFESTYLE! The magazine has balanced editorial contents and a clean layout. Elegance and high quality are distinctive attributes not only appreciated by our readers but also by our advertisers.

MARIE CLAIRE has three basic axes: fashion and beauty, identity, graphic quality. The magazine has still more to offer: there are three special editions with two issues per year for each topic.

MARIE CLAIRE SHOWS – The best in fashion. Find out all about catwalks, trends and brand new collections of the fashion season.

MARIE CLAIRE MAISON – The best in decoration. 150 pages full of decoration, inspiration, ideas, essentials, lighting, agenda and designers.

MARIE CLAIRE SHOES FIRST – All about shoes. “Shoes first” offers a variety of platforms combining print, retail strategy, daily giveaways, amplification and so on.

Media Represented

worldwide except in France, Ireland, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Spain, United Kingdom