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MARIE-CLAIRE.es is another way to spread the message of MARIE CLAIRE. 

MARIE-CLAIRE.es: A different channel but MARIE CLAIRE’s soul through and through - luxurious, influential, inspirational and also a real trend setter.

A strong and loyal online readership: 700.000 unique users every month. The readers enjoy getting the latest news and tips about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

MARIE-CLAIRE.es is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies. It offers a range of online advertising formats that create an exclusive space for the advertiser under the umbrella of the website brand.

MARIE CLAIRE also presents ATRACTIVAS.es – for women interested in healthy living and fitness, psychology, sports, beauty and nutrition. ATRACTIVAS.es offers a lot of beauty-tips, recipes and diets for every type of woman and full workouts to do at home. 

Also available as mobile version.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Asia, France, Ireland, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Spain, United Kingdom