Paid circulation
391,470 *
615,000 **
Target Group
151,000 readers of MUJERHOY are Women 35-55 y.o. socioeconomic status AB. (34.000 more than Vogue.)
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * OJD 2020
  2. ** EGM 2/2021


After 19 years in the market, MUJERHOY is not only a magazine. MUJERHOY is also digital, is events, social networks, contents...

MUJERHOY is distributed with newspapers at the weekend. It is one of the leading publications in its sector, and covers news about fashion, health, beauty, gastronomy, culture and leisure. 

MUJERHOY is distributed in Spain through 20 leading titles. In total, 583.225 copies are distributed every week.

Also, it is leader in the main cities of Spain, that are Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, La Coruña, Bilbao and Zaragoza - cities essential in every advertising campaign.

Media Represented

in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands