4 issues a year
Paid circulation
19,000 *
Basic Rate 2020
€ 14,200
Target Group
Frequent and long-distance travellers, who are curious, educated and open-minded. They love luxury holidays (and can afford them too). The target group makes purchases in a highly attentive manner with a focus on quality. In addition to top travel destinations, they are especially interested in premium-quality cars, cutting-edge technology, stylish design and anything that makes everyday life easier and more beautiful.
Main advertisers
  • automotive
  • tourism/travel
  • leisure/entertainment
  • home/building/garden
  • furniture/home decor
  • consumer electronics
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The beauty of the world, captured in fascinating photos. The exoticism of far-off places, described by top reporters. The travel magazine of a global brand – now coming to Germany too. Opulent, inspiring, gripping.

"TRAVELER is becoming opulent. True to the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC maxim 'Inspiring People to Care About the Planet', we will celebrate the earth’s beauty through photos and text. Readers are taken to the most amazing places on the planet – and thanks to the peerless quality of the images, they can immerse themselves in new worlds." Jens Schröder, Editor-in-Chief NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Germany

In the service section, readers regularly get essential and relevant travel information, so that they are inspired and well-informed when they plan their travels after reading.

TRAVELER aims to awaken wanderlust. Drawing on the power of a global journalism brand, we aim to arouse readers’ enthusiasm and offer them a top-quality magazine experience. Sophisticated, but not aloof; sensuous, but not kitsch – tempting readers to get away from the everyday world.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)