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19,000 *
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Frequent and long-distance travellers, who are curious, educated and open-minded. They love luxury holidays (and can afford them too). The target group makes purchases in a highly attentive manner with a focus on quality. In addition to top travel destinations, they are especially interested in premium-quality cars, cutting-edge technology, stylish design and anything that makes everyday life easier and more beautiful.
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The beauty of the world, captured in spectacular pictures. The exoticism of the distance, described by top reporters. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER is opulent, inspiring, gripping. Only the best for an educated and high-income target group. An exclusive advertising environment for you.

In the detailed service section, the keen readers receive helpful travel advice, information and many insider tips. This way, they can start their travels well-informed after reading.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER empowers its readers to travel the long way. With the power of a worldwide journalistic brand, we want to inspire readers and offer them magazine enjoyment at the highest level.

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worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)