10 issues a year
Print circulation
124,000 *
Target Group
The magazine is upmarket, targeted primarily at a well-educated reading audience of 35+ with free time and the means to use this time in a quality way. 2/3 of the readers are women. Nest focuses on a well-to-do readership (a readership of means) and has a typical interest in nature together with a positive way of life.
House & Home
  1. * Publisher's Information 2017


Nest is the Belgian magazine for the rural, natural lifestyle. The magazine has consciously chosen a position between trends and traditions: following new developments closely, putting creativity and innovative initiatives high on the agenda. Nonetheless, Nest is never carried away by the latest passing trend, but rather stands for proven reliability, respect for past history and for professionalism.

Nest covers four domains:

Arts & Crafts 

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom