51,000 *
Target Group
The target audience includes high income professionals with interest in lifestyle and arts. 58% are male, living in the greater Helsinki area. The professionals have an interest in balancing work and leisure. Age under 34 y.: 13 % 35-54 y.: 36 % 55-64 y: 23% 65+ y.: 27 %
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * KMT 2021


OPTIO is the business and lifestyle supplement of Finland's business newspaper KAUPPALEHTI and is published every second Thursday. 

In OPTIO, business thought leaders air their views on management, expertise and success. As a counterweight to business topics, the magazine also features leisure themes: how the decision-makers replenish their energy for a balanced life. Readers most often open the magazine in their free time and use a considerable amount of time reading it.

In OPTIO, your advertising reaches an audience with high purchasing power: it is well noticed and it creates buying impulses. Readers of OPTIO are among the elite of opinion leaders in Finland. WOM-leadership (word-of-mouth) is highlighted especially when the topic is around wining and dining. Also leisure activities and travelling are essential parts of the quality lifestyle of an OPTIO reader.

Media Represented

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