2 issues a year
Print circulation
35,000 *
140,000 *
Target Group
Interested in FASHION, CARE, STYLE OF LIFE, music, travel, gastronomy, literature, sports, tech-nology, cars as well as daytime and nighttime fun.The Rísbel man is a person with an academic bac-kground, middle class, upper-middle class, cos-mopolitan, creative, intellectually curious, urban, independent, with a very personal style and a very well defined taste for quality and exclusivity.They are aware of personal care and are eager to learn about the latest developments in aesthetics. They are innate prescribers. The majority of the segment has a high-medium purchasing power and are willing to acquire prestigious or luxury products as long as they feel it enhances their style.
Men's Lifestyle
  1. * Publisher's Information 2020


Rísbel Magazine is the first spanish magazine aimed at men about FASHION, BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE that is wanted, kept and worn in a bookstore or on a living room table. Its production and its appearance are more similar to a collector’s book than a regular magazine.

If there’s anything Rísbel Magazine has been characterized its fashionable productions with international Top Models and the more photographers prestigious.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Asia, Ireland, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Spain, United Kingdom