weekly (on Sundays)
Distributed circulation
115,960 *
461,000 **
Basic Rate 2021
CHF 26,870
Target Group
54% of the readership are male. The readers have a strong interest in sports news and financial investments. Most readers are 60+ years.
  1. * WEMF 2020
  2. ** MACH Basic 2020 2


On Sundays, the SONNTAGSBLICK brings joy with exciting news, facts and background information from all over the world. It reaches over half a million readers. Other newspapers will print the news on Monday which were already in SONNTAGSBLICK a day before. It is a compass, life and guide to everyday life, politics, business, culture, show and sport.

The handy format for bus, train and leisure is also convincing. With its creative layout standards are set in the European media landscape.

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia