10 issues a year
Print circulation
3,000,000 *
400,000 **
Target Group
Swiss and international entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, managers and world travellers. The SWISS MAGAZINE is the gateway to an exceptional audience with a wide range of interests, sizeable incomes and high educational levels. Its ten issues each year feature exciting articles and reports by reputed travel journalists and photographers, along with inspirational city profiles. The SWISS MAGAZINE is placed in every seat pocket in every seating class on every flight, with the passenger specifically invited to take their copy home with them, too. The magazine’s readership consists primarily of passengers and subscribers who fly SWISS all over the world.
  1. * Publisher's Information 2022 July-September
  2. ** Publisher's Information 2020


This highly entertaining bilingual publication features exciting stories, background insights and attractive destinations. 1.4 million people read the SWISS MAGAZINE every month. 

Each SWISS MAGAZINE issue of over 130 pages spotlights a particular SWISS destination through an extensive portrait of the city complete with useful tips and sources of further travel inspiration.

Other regular features focus on topics like aviation, profiles of people living abroad, successful entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds.

Media Represented

in Germany (Internat. Media only), Italy (excl. South Tyrol)