20 issues a year
Distributed circulation
32,473 *
93,000 **
Target Group
T MAGAZINE readers are well-educated men and women aged 55+ with a high income. They are interested in the stock market, financial investments and economics.
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * Publisher's Information 2021
  2. ** MACH Basic 2022 1


Far-reaching change alters our perception of the world. This is where T MAGAZINE comes in, published on Saturdays 20 times a year as a supplement to the weekend edition of LE TEMPS. The magazine offers its readers, who are willing consumers, a guide and in-depth background information in times shaped by change. With the depth and serious investigative style that is typical of LE TEMPS. The T MAGAZINE provides up-to-date entertaining and instructive information, puts this information into context and explores the background. T MAGAZINE takes a progressive approach and strengthens its position in the premium segment with a clear commitment to substantial use of images.

The focus is on the following 6 headings: News / Dossier / Style / Culture / Escapade (on the move) / Bien-être (well-being). We profile interesting people and will continue to feature mono-thematic focal topics such as luxury, watches, jewellery, design & architecture, fashion, art, champagne, men, etc. Our readers have exclusive access and inspirational reading material and our advertising customers have the ideal, trustworthy editorial setting for a perfect advertising presence.

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in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia