10 issues a year
Paid circulation
711,366 *
2,800,000 **
Basic Rate 2020
€ 28,200
Target Group
The most feminine and familial of TV magazines: 1st in reach and in affinity on women 25/49 y.o., women with kids, working women.
  1. * OJD 2018
  2. ** ONE 2018


A revolutionary concept: The first one to propose two weeks of TV programs in 1 magazine. A freedom of expression and a touch of impertinence! TÉLÉ 2 SEMAINES is quirky. It deals with TV programs as never seen before. With a critical and strongly committed editorial line, TÉLÉ 2 SEMAINES provides a different insight into the world of television.

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worldwide except in France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom