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49,904 *
160,000 **
Basic Rate 2022
CHF 7,800
Target Group
The majority of readers are women (55%) and are especially interested in cosmetics, personal care, beauty, entertainment and humor.
  1. * WEMF 2021
  2. ** MACH Basic 2022 1


TV8 offers clear and accurate information. The editorial takes an indiscreet, mischievous and sometimes strict look at the French-speaking channels. TV8 presents a selection of the best films, the highlights of the week and the editorial team's favourite programmes at a glance.
Thanks to its permanent correspondent in Hollywood, the magazine also offers exclusive interviews with American series and film stars. In addition, the magazine features interviews with the most famous presenters and entertainers of the French-speaking channels as well as reports that take a look behind the scenes of television. In addition, TV8 offers contributions and surveys on all topics and questions related to television, and one page even contains a preview of next week's evening program.

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia