5 issues a year
Paid circulation
25,000 *
Basic Rate 2022
€ 13,300
Target Group
Fans and customers of WALDEN primarily live in cities, use Apple phones, read Monocle, get around with DriveNow and Golf Station Wagon for the weekend getaway, wear Red Wing Boots and 3sixteen Jeans. They value good design and stylish products that get better as time goes on. They have established careers, are at home in the digital world and so are looking for genuine adventures, primordial experiences of nature and handmade products with amazing quality and authentic history.
Men's Lifestyle
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WALDEN is all about the yearning for nature, adventuring in style and primordial outdoor experiences.

WALDEN is packed with authentic stories that you can share over a campfire or sitting by a blazing hearth.

WALDEN combines high-quality aesthetic design with down-to-earth DIY instructions.

Each issue of WALDEN is inspiring, entertaining and informative, making an ideal companion for a short backpacking or camping trip – or simply providing a taste of the wild from the comfort of your couch.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)