Print circulation
70,277 *
177,000 **
Target Group
The WIENER readers are multi-facetted, interesting and open-minded. They are confident modern women that are interested in the latest beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends, topics such as travel and psychology as well as politics, society, media and culture.
Women (general)
  1. * ÖAK 2020
  2. ** ÖVA 2020


Since its foundation in 1985, every month WIENERIN has been offering everything of interest to today's confident modern woman. The number 1 of Austrian monthly women's magazines excels with intelligent stories and, with its fresh and cheeky approach, distinguishes itself from other magazines. WIENERIN always means cutting-edge and yet objective and investigating in its editorial style. Because WIENERIN is just as multi-facetted, interesting and open-minded as its readers.

Media Represented

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