Print circulation
91,312 *
217,000 **
Target Group
The readers of YO DONA are women with an interest in fashion, beauty, travelling, leisure and culture. The magazine is read by young women with a high level of education and significant purchasing power.
Women (general)
  1. * OJD 2018
  2. ** EGM 1/2019


YO DONA is Spains liveliest magazine for young, affluent Spanish women.

YO DONA reaches more fashion concious Spanish women than any other title and provides the perfect environment for advertisers who want to reach an affluent and high profile audience.

  • YO DONA was the first weekly high-end magazine inthe Spanish market.
  • It is distributed every Saturday with EL MUNDO.
  • YO DONA is the women’s supplement which dedicates morepages to beauty issues

Media Represented

in Ireland, United Kingdom