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52,653 *
731,000 **
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Il Sole 24 Ore readers: Gender: Male 64% Female 40% Qualification: Degree 49% High School 41% Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 42% Geopraphic area: North West 33% North East 18% Centre 22% South and Islands 27%
Business & News
  1. * ADS 2022-05
  2. ** AUDIPRESS 3/2022


IL SOLE 24 ORE is the business daily with the highest circulation in Europe, leader in business, financial and regulatory information.

The newspaper is organized in a single section and the pages of “Finance & Markets” are in continuity with those of “Economics & Business”, which contributes to strengthening the relationship between finance and the economy, the banking system and the business world - the ties that characterize the international economic system stand out.

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Total circulation (print + digital): 139.757

Digital copies circulation: 87.104(Source: ADS May 2022)

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